Freelining at the street of Kwanghwa-Mun

Morning of Kwanghwa-Mun

9 A.M. When I arrived at Kwanghwa-Mun, it was a little cloudy. Worried about the rain but no rain came after all.

광화문 청계천에서 프리라인 타기 (20081003-110658)

It seemed some kind of events would be open in Cheonggyecheon. Many people were there and the UFO-like object draw my interesting.

광화문 청계천에서 프리라인 타기 (20081003-114511)

This guy, he is the man who introduced me the freeline, but he got wrong about the freeline, so he had to begin from the ground.

Freeriding on the Kwanghwa-Mun street

I’m already well in freelining in a straight line. However, it always makes me nervous to take a first step.

광화문 청계천에서 프리라인 타기 (20081003-115432)

Seoul Buskers Festival was being held in Cheonggyecheon. Some light rhythm captivated my mind so I dropped by and took pictures.

최 재훈

블로그, 페이스북, 트위터 고성능 서버 엔진, 데이터베이스, 지속적인 통합 등 다양한 주제에 관심이 많다.
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