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My dream has always been to become a man with much knowledge of the world. I mean, I’ve wanted to go abroad to learn about various cultures. That must be one of the reasons why I am always longing for the opportunity to work with the people from other countries. Once or twice, this opportunity almost came to my grip but once I lost it and twice I let it pass for some reasons. However, the dream of working with the a foreign company still remains.

Today, I and me and my English conversation teacher had a talk about the job interview. If I had the interview, how should I respond to their questions?. What questions would they ask?. Running out of time, we put our focus on an issue, which is “What is your 5-year plan?”.

This is a widely-used interview question, but whenever I meet this one, I fall in a puzzle. Plans always change, depending on the situation. When you got get this job, then your plan must be changed. However, the interview is the interview. You have to answer as the interviewer expects. So, I tried to find out the right answers.

Thinking for a few minutes, I finally came to the conclusions. First, I want to conduct a conference. Being a speaker for the conference has the meaning of being a guru and being given some respect from the people of this engineering field. Second, I will choose one specific area of the technologies and go further to get more knowledge and more experience of that area. Everything will be done if I truly want. That’s exactly what I have believed. However, time is running out. I’m getting older every second. That means, the time to make a decision is coming. Life is short to run after everything. So I have to make my mind. Finally, I’m going to be a good project manager. I’ve seen good managers and bad ones. I’ve also worked for the good projects and bad ones. All this experience gave me some lessons. My wish is to make some contributions for the success of the projects. That’s the reason why I want to be a project manager.

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15 years ago

Well, it’s would be worthy of living overseas. Why don’t you think about this? I guess, according to my lack of knowledge of you, migrating to overseas is highly possible, rather than staying in your country.

CHOI, Jae-Hoon
15 years ago

Hi 쟈스틴, Imigration is the one of my consideration. However, as you know, leaving your mother country is not easy. After all,  your family and friends are being left behind. Without your loved ones, you might be very lonely.