The song of ice and fire - 단어 정리

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최근에 George R.R. Martin의 The song of ice and fire 시리즈를 읽고 있다. 이토록 재밌는데도 국내에서는 잘 팔리지 않아서 결국 3부부터는 번역되지 않았다. 그 동안 원서로 읽기 위해서 벼르고 있었는데, 불과 열흘 전에야 그 결심을 실천으로 옮기게 됐다. 오늘은 1부 ‘A Game of Thrones’에서 자주 나오는 단어를 정리해 본다.

1. angry and silent, especially because you feel life has been unfair to you
Bill sat in sullen silence and refused to eat his lunch.
a look of sullen resentment

1. [intransitive and transitive] to make short sounds or say a few words in a rough voice, when you do not want to talk
He just grunted and carried on reading his book.
2. [intransitive] if a person or animal grunts, they make short low sounds in their throat
Grunting with effort, she lifted me up.

hilt (역시 판타지 소설이라 이런 단어가 나오는군.)
1. the handle of a sword or knife, where the blade is attached

1. having a rough surface that feels slightly hard
jacket of coarse wool

an agreement that two people will be married
synonym engagement

1. [intransitive and transitive] to turn or spin around very quickly, or to make someone or something do this
We watched the seagulls whirling and shrieking over the harbour.

1. [intransitive]to make a very high loud sound, especially because you are afraid, angry, excited, or in pain
synonym scream
They were dragged from their homes, shrieking and weeping.
He shrieked in agony.

1. [intransitive and transitive] formal or literary to cry, especially because you feel very sad
James broke down and wept.

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