The Art of Readable Code

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The Art of Readable Code

The Art of Readable Code’ describes how to write code easy to read. Readability does not neccessarily mean it has to be short and concise. Contrary to the common sense, sometimes it is better to write longer code, rather than leaving people wondering what the xxxx this code intent to do. What you should remember or consider of is whether other programmers would feel comfortable when reading your code.

I am satisfied with this book. Even though more than 90% of its content is well known, it is not bad to make your brain not to forget what you already know.

However, one thing makes me uncomfortable. Authors insist on using macros is better than leaving redundant codes untouched. But the example they chose was not proper, since there is an alternative way of using templates.

This book is for junior engineers. I believe that most senior programmers already know how to write code readable and do it by principle. Well, I know that is not true at all. But I want to believe that!

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