Norah Jones의 신보 - Feels Like Home

WOW 새 앨범이다.


앗 잠깐!

영어 공부를 할 겸 여기서부터는 영어로 쓰겠다. 영어의 생활화라고나 할까. ㅋㅋ

혹시 문법 또는 어법상 잘못된 글이나 부적절한 표현을 찾아내거나, 더 나은 표현을 알고 있다면 덧글에 남겨주세요. ^_^

I love her and her charming voice. She sings the song and I feel like I’m sweat dreaming.

Of course, you can do dream with her too.

By the way, She make new album titled “Feels Like Home”.

Her great works won’t fall short of what you expect.
The songs in this album are the exactly same with what you always dreamed about.

Do not imagine.

Just Listen!!!

Oh, I should give you one more information. You can’t buy this album in Korea.

You should visit ‘’ to get one.

[2004-01-29일 수정 내용]
한국에서도 예약 발매 중.

최 재훈

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