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yoshi has written a few comments. Based on his comments, I’ve rewritten my code using EE’s ‘{exp:comment:entries}’ tags as follows.

{exp:recentcomments weblog="{master_weblog_name}" limit="10" totalwords="6" format="%y/%m/%d %h:%i" type="comments"}

<li><a href="{permalink}">{comment}</a> - {author}</li>


{exp:comment:entries sort="desc" orderby="date" limit="10" dynamic="off"}

<li><a href="{comment_url_title_auto_path}">{exp:filter_html rules="-*" units="chars" stop_after="70"}{comment}{/exp:filter_html}</a> - {name}</li>


I’ve used Filter_HTML Plugin to handle HTML code in comments. Besides this plugin has the same functionality as Word Limiter Plugin or Chararacter Limit Plugin.

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