You Are Possibly Very Annoying

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Dustin Aleksiuk wrote an article, which I 100% agree with.

You Are Possibly Very Annoying

Have you ever met someone who is difficult to be around? Maybe this annoying person is angry all the time. Maybe she just goes on and on and on and on about stuff that you just don’t care about. Maybe he smells bad.

There’s something interesting about this person. This person has NO IDEA that he is annoying to others. Your polite hints aren’t working. Social cues are not registering.

Here’s the problem: this person walks around all day being annoying, but not knowing he is annoying. You and I walk around all day thinking that we’re not annoying too. Other people are crossing the street to avoid having to listen to us prattle on about some nonsense, and we don’t know. To us, we are just fine.

You (and I) are possibly very annoying.

It’s like having a bit of food on your face. This is especially difficult if you are in a position of authority or respect. Nobody wants to tell the boss she has food on her face. She gets to walk around having food on her face. If I were her, I would want to know.

This is why I’m a believer in company feedback reviews of employees, especially in a company that hires outspoken computer programmers. I want to know if I’ve got food on my face, because I really can’t tell.


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