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From Martin Fowler’

Many of the elements of that company were things that people told him couldn’t be done:

  • You can’t have a company that entirely consists of high ability people, you need a mix of less able people that the high ability people leverage.
  • Intellectuals aren’t interested in making money, so a company built around them won’t stay viable.
  • It’s a harsh world where nice guys finish last – so you can’t afford to be nice to employees and customers without an ulterior business reason.
  • High ability people can’t collaborate effectively, they intellectualize and self-destruct.
  • Large companies need a strong management structure to avoid falling apart.
  • Intellectuals must be run by B students since intellectuals are idealist and only greedy B students are pragmatic enough to make real decisions
  • Doing things for the long term doesn’t work.
  • Being transparent about economics and operations is bad internally, worse externally and certainly won’t scale.
  • Don’t reveal your weaknesses, especially to outsiders.
  • The purpose of being international is to take advantage of people in weaker countries.
  • Don’t give production people powers that can be abused and hurt the company.
  • Culture is secondary – it cannot be a sustainable advantage – you need a superior business model

In lots of ways of ThoughtWorks is a reaction to this kind of common sense.

ThoughtWork에 대해선 최근에야 알게 된 곳이라 자세한 사항은 모르겠다. 하지만 Martin Fowler의 말은 내 호기심을 자극한다. 아마도 누구나(적어도 백치가 아니라면) 한번쯤은 창의적이고 뛰어난 사람들끼리 모여서 사업적 성공을 거둘 수는 없을까라는 생각을 해 봤을 것이다. 또한 그것이 매우 어려울 것이라는 생각과 함께, ‘젠장.’하고 속으로 소리쳐본 적도 있을 것이다.

ThoughtWork라는 곳은 불가능하게 보이는 것을 현실로 만들어가고 있다니 놀랍다. 앞으로 그들이 어디까지 가는지 지켜봐야겠다.

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