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Is a character variable specifying the deadlock-handling method. @deadlock_var is 3 if LOW is specified, and 6 if NORMAL is specified.

SET LOCK_TIMEOUT timeout_period


Is the number of milliseconds that will pass before Microsoft® SQL Server™ returns a locking error. A value of -1 (default) indicates no time-out period (that is, wait forever).

READPAST locking hint

Skip locked rows. This option causes a transaction to skip rows locked by other transactions that would ordinarily appear in the result set, rather than block the transaction waiting for the other transactions to release their locks on these rows. The READPAST lock hint applies only to transactions operating at READ COMMITTED isolation and will read only past row-level locks. Applies only to the SELECT statement.

When a wait for a lock exceeds the time-out value, an error is returned. A value of 0 means not to wait at all and return a message as soon as a lock is encountered.

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