Starting SQL Server in Single-User Mode

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Under certain circumstances, you may need to start an instance of Microsoft® SQL Server™ in single-user mode using the startup option -m. For example, you may want to change server configuration options or recover a damaged master database or other system database. Both actions require starting an instance of SQL Server in single-user mode.

When you start an instance of SQL Server in single-user mode:

Only one user can connect to the server.

The CHECKPOINT process is not executed. By default, it is executed automatically at startup.

The sp_configure system stored procedure allow updates option is enabled. By default, the allow updates option is disabled.
To start SQL Server in single-user mode

From a command prompt, enter:

sqlservr.exe -c -m


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William Chung
19 years ago

or u can use the following command since sql 2000:

and i belive it’s better than
sqlservr.exe /m