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얼마 전에 NUnit와 csUnit를 비교했었다. 그때 csUnit가 VS.Net과 통합되어 있어서 더 낫다고 했었다. 그러나 이제는 이 말을 정정해야겠다.

오늘 미국쪽 블로그를 돌아다니다가 TestDriven.Net이라는 VS.Net Add-in을 발견했다. 심지어 VS.Net 2005에서도 사용가능하고, NUnit, MbUnit 그리고 MS Team System을 모두 지원한다. 아래의 사이트에서 다운로드 받으면 된다. 회원가입을 해야 하지만, 소프트웨어 자체는 무료로 제공된다.



This section provides a ‘Quickstart’ guide to using TestDriven.NET any version of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

Test Driven Development is the practice of writing unit tests for your code before you actually write that code. By writing a test and then writing the code to make that test pass you have a much better idea of what the goal and purpose of your code is. Test Driven Development also encourage complete code coverage, which not only increases the quality of your code, but also allows you to refactor the internals of a method or class and quickly and easily test the outside interface of the object.

TestDriven.NET is a unit testing add-in for Visual Studio. It was developed for a number of years under the name NUnitAddIn. It supports multiple unit testing frameworks including NUnit, MbUnit and MS Team System and is compatible with all versions of Visual Studio .NET. It is available in free and (in the future) professional versions.


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