SQL Debugger - 도메인 유저 계정을 사용해야 한다.

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Using Transact-SQL Debugger

SQL Query Analyzer comes equipped with a Transact-SQL debugger that allows you to control and monitor the execution of stored procedures. The debugger supports traditional functionality such as setting breakpoints, defining watch expressions, and single stepping through procedures.

This functionality is available when the SQL Server service uses a domain user account.

In a client/server environment, the client workstation running the debugger must be a member of the same domain as the computer running the corresponding instance of SQL Server.

The Transact-SQL debugger in SQL Query Analyzer supports debugging against Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000, SQL Server version 7.0, and SQL Server version 6.5 Service Pack 2.

Note  It is not advisable to use the Transact-SQL debugger on a production server. While in step execution mode, the debugger can lock certain system resources that are needed by other processes.

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