This is cool!
I’ve been searching for a stuff like this one. From now on, I would be able to weblog more easily using FCKeditor.

Thanks Robert Crow and Open Source community making FCKeditor.

I’ve scripted Robert Crow’s original text from his blog.

This is how to install FCKeditor, which is a WYSIWYG HTML editor that can be used in the ExpressionEngine Control Panel to make it much easier for both technical and non-technical users alike to create and edit ExpressionEngine entries.

These instructions have been tested by us using ExpressionEngine Version 1.2.1 Build ID: 20050115 and FCKeditor 2.0 RC2.

Step 1:

Download FCKeditor 2.0 RC2

Decompress the downloaded file (double-click it).

Rename the folder FCKeditor to fckeditor (i.e. change the first 3 letters (FCK) to lowercase, i.e. fck).

Step 2:

Upload the fckeditor folder to the root of your public html folder on the Web server where you have ExpressionEngine installed. To keep the installation instructions simple, don’t change the name of the fckeditor folder. You can change the folder name and move it somewhere else on your server, but I’ll skip over that for now.

Step 3:

Add this function to /system(if you renamed it, whatever you renamed it to)/cp/cp.publish.php just below the setFieldName function:

// Dynamically set the textarea name on a DblClick

function setFieldName2(which)
if (which != selField)
selField = which;


tagarray = new Array();
usedarray = new Array();

var oFCKeditor = new FCKeditor( selField ) ;
oFCKeditor.ReplaceTextarea() ;


Edit line 703 (line number after adding function above) to look like this:

$DSP->input_textarea('field_id_'.$row['field_id'], $field_data, $rows, 'textarea', '99%', "ondblclick='setFieldName2(this.name)'", "onclick='setFieldName(this.name)'", $convert_ascii);

Step 4:

Add this line in /system(if you renamed it, whatever you renamed it to)/cp/cp.display.php after line 182:

"<script type='text/javascript' src='/fckeditor/fckeditor.js'></script> ";

Change the line above the one you just added to look like this:

"<meta http-equiv= 'pragma' content='no-cache' /> ".

The original code looks like this:

"<meta http-equiv= 'pragma' content='no-cache' /> ";

All we’re doing here is replacing the semi-colon at the end of the line with a period so that the following line (the one you just added) gets executed.

THAT’S IT! FCKeditor shoud fire up when you double-click in the summary, body or extended text boxes while creating/editing an entry in the Control Panel.

Mac OS X compatibility: FCKeditor doesn’t work with Safari on Mac OS X, but it does work with FireFox 1.0.

Windows XP compatibility: FCKeditor doesn’t work with IE 6.0, but it does work with Firefox 1.0.

I hope you have an easier time getting FCKeditor working than I did. In other words, where was I when I really needed me?

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