Words from ‘American Beauty’ and ‘A Game Of Thrones’

1. [intransitive and transitive] to push someone or something in a rough or careless way, using your hands or shoulders
He shoved her towards the car.
Everyone was pushing and shoving to see the prince.
2. [transitive] spoken used to tell someone in a very impolite way that you do not want something
They can take their three cents an hour raise and shove it .

loom  /lum/  (looms, looming, loomed) 
1.  VERB
If something looms over you, it appears as a large or unclear shape, often in a frightening way.
…the bleak mountains that loomed out of the blackness and towered around us.
2.  VERB
If a worrying or threatening situation or event is looming, it seems likely to happen soon.[ JOURNALISM ] Another government spending crisis is looming in the United States…
The threat of renewed civil war looms ahead.
…the looming threat of recession.
A loom is a machine that is used for weaving thread into cloth.

Braid is a narrow piece of decorated cloth or twisted threads, which is used to decorate clothes or curtains.
…a plum-coloured uniform with lots of gold braid.
2.  VERB
If you braid hair or a group of threads, you twist three or more lengths of the hair or threads over and under each other to make one thick length.
She had almost finished braiding Louisa’s hair…

Get a grip
spoken used in order to tell someone to control their emotions
For God’s sake get a grip!

behaving in an unreasonably impatient and angry way, like a child

fire away
[only in imperative] spoken used to tell someone that you are ready to answer questions
‘Do you mind if I ask you something, Woody?’ ‘Fire away.’

stark naked
not wearing any clothes at all
Ben was standing there stark nake

1. a comfortable piece of furniture big enough for two or three people to sit on
ㅡsynonym sofa, settee

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