Reading graphic novels,

For the first time, I decided to learn English seriously. That was when I was thirteen, I guess. What happend then? About 10 years ago, I was a good student, who did all of his homeworks and got a high score in his school tests. Looking back then, however, I didn’t care about highschool. I mean, you had to get an excellent score from the graduation exam if you want to enter the better highschool like science highschool, foreign language highschool. These schools are founded for the purpose of educating the students to become a man with his specialty. However, things changes. Original purpose had been forgotten. People, parents had thier sons and daughters to study hard just because they believed that entering these schools promises the future success.

Anyway, thanks to my mom and dad, I wasn’t that case. They don’t push me. Of course, they expected a lot from me but they, my guess, tried not to express what they were feeling. So, I didn’t have any passion on learning English until it was only one year left to the graduation exam. I heard about the exam but didn’t mind it because I didn’t have no idea about what it means. Having got to know the meaning of that exam, the better school, the better friends who are not like those other guy around me, attracted me. I made a decision to go to one of those science school(however, I would fail). From back then, I have been studying English seriously. I read many books written in English and even translated some of those books. However, reading the graphic novels just began a few weeks a ago. It is very different to read an ordinary book and to read a graphic novel.

Watchmen - Cover

Graphic novels have many conversations, not like the fictions and non-fictions with formality. Slangs sometimes, not quite exact garammers. But I guess it is more natural. We don’t talk wondering “This is right? Grammer might be wrong…”. We speak out words as we think or as the words comes out of the deep of our minds. It’s hard to read non-formal conversation at first, but when I became used to it, it became better. Most of all, reading is more fun. The meaning of words and sentences comes to mind more easily thanks to the cartoons in the book. I hope the other Koreans who are learning English or other foreign languages have an interest in the graphic novels, because it proves to be helpful for me. I hope “so do you'”.


최 재훈

블로그, 페이스북, 트위터 고성능 서버 엔진, 데이터베이스, 지속적인 통합 등 다양한 주제에 관심이 많다.
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