Oh, Amazon.com’s service is good.

Yesterday, I sent an e-mail to Amazon.com service center.

Hey, I’ve ordered two items January 6, but dilivery haven’t yet started. I checked my account, then I came to know that ‘delivery estimate’ is August 3, 2005 – August 9, 2005.

It’s too late. I’ve already waited for about 10 days. Should I have to wait more for 7 months?

What should I do?

A few moments ago, I checked my e-mail account and found one from Amazon.com. One of items I’ve ordered has not been released. So they can’t be shipped. It’s my mistake. I should have checked this.
Anyway Amazon.com said, ‘-changed your shipping option to “ship items as they become available” at no additional charge’. I’ve been impressed by Amazon.com’s service.
Very thankful, Amazon.com wink

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