How to invest your time effectively and efficiently

From a time management book ‘How to invest your time to increase your value 10 times’, which was written by a Japanese famous writer KATUMA KAZUYO.

The most important and valuable resource is time. You can’t buy or create it. That’s the reason why you have to do everything to make time.

Things you shouldn’t do

  • Do your best without any help from new tools or methods.

  • Start a new thing which will take long time without reducing what would take long time.

  • Do not take a ‘Check’ among ‘Do-Plan-Check’ steps.

You need or need to

  • Commitment device which will push you to do what you plan.

    • Get deep understanding by learning theories.

    • Get help from people around you or experts.

  • Take patience.

  • Understand why it doesn’t work.

  • Your own way, not somebody else’s.

  • Sometimes a great change takes great changes. For instance, getting a new job or a new house. Usually this means you have to take risks.

5 principles to make golden time

  1. Invest as much as you can to get time you need.

  2. Take productivity per unit time as your first thing.

  3. Don’t be an angel.

  4. Do what you want to do, have a talent and get more benefits from first.

  5. Give your schedule enough room to be flexible.

5 steps to increase your golden time

1. Start from the time management matrix

By reducing time of III and IV, invest more time on II.

Not Urgent


  • Crisis
  • Pressing problems
  • Deadline-driven projects
  • Last-minute preparations for scheduled activities
  • Relaxation for the next task



  • Preparation/planning
  • Prevention
  • Values clarification
  • Exercise
  • Relationship-building
  • True recreation/relaxation
Quadrant of Necessity
Quadrant of Quality &

Personal Leadership



  • Interruptions, some calls
  • Some mail & reports
  • Not interesting, not productive meetings
  • Many “pressing” matters
  • Many popular activities



  • Trivia, busywork
  • Junk mail
  • Some phone messages/email
  • Time wasters
  • Escape activities
  • Viewing mindless TV shows
Quadrant of DeceptionQuadrant of Waste

Provided courtesy of Paauwerfully Organized w Kathy Paauw w w [email protected]

  • Matrix I: less than 50% of whole time.
  • Matrix II: more than 30%
  • Matix III: less than 10%

2. Decide what  you are not going to do

The most important part of time management!!!

3. Decide what you’re going to depend on somebody else.

Just focus on what you are doing well.

4. Enhance the efficiency of what you can do only by yourself.

5. Integrate and practice new ways.

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