Bike trip around JeJu-island

At last! The plan to trip JeJu-island has started to be shaped. DahHyun, my friend and ex-coworker, and I made a plan, not perfect but specific enough to make me exited! As a first step to reveal our whole plan, I’m gonna make a list of prerequisites.




Toothpaste, Small handheld P4 lantern, Bug spray(Mosquito Repellent), Some writing tools, Panasonic handheld digital camera and a tripod for this camera, Portable speaker for a bike, bicycle repairment tools, Bike gloves, Buff scarves, Ankle bands(which makes riding more comfortable), Sun protecting clothes.


Some medicines and his personal stuffs.

Both of us

Umbrellas, Scarves, Three towels for each of us, Sandals and running shoes, Hats, Digital cameras, Bike taillights, Some clothes.

Free lending stuffs

Raincoats, Bike Gloves, Hats, Bike helmets, etc.

돌하루방 Dolhareuban(which means: Granfather stone)

돌하루방 Dolhareubang


최 재훈

블로그, 페이스북, 트위터 고성능 서버 엔진, 데이터베이스, 지속적인 통합 등 다양한 주제에 관심이 많다.
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